Proof that the Year 2016 Needs to End



By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis / @zaralibrary

I’ve done some research and created a quick timeline for 2016—and the news isn’t good. This has to be one of the worst years the world has experienced on a personal and global scale.

Jan 10: David Bowie, RIP

Jan 14: Alan Rickman, RIP

Feb 1: Zika virus

Mar 22: Suicide bombers kill 32 people in Brussels

Mar 24: Jian Ghomeshi acquitted for 4 counts of sexual assault, 1 count of overcoming resistance by choking

Apr 21: Prince, RIP

May 21: News my husband has an aortic aneurysm and cannot do anything, but must wait three months for further testing

May 28: Harambe, the gorilla, killed at Cincinnati Zoo bc parents didn’t watch their toddler

June 3: Muhammad Ali, RIP

June 12: Hate crime kills 49 people at nightclub in Orlando

June 23: Brexit

June 28: 45 people killed at Ataturk Airport

July 2: Elie Wiesel, RIP

July 14: Cargo truck drives into crowds celebrating Bastille Day, killing 85 people

July 22: Nine innocent people shot in Munich

Aug: Surge of the “Alt-Right” white supremacy group

Aug 14: Told news on my daughter’s birthday that her grandfather has been diagnosed with cancer

Aug 21: Told news my aunt is diagnosed with cancer

Aug 24: Earthquake kills 299 people in Italy and leaves 5000 with no home

Sept 10: Told our family dog, a beautiful Boston Terrier named Bronx, has been diagnosed with cancer

Sept 12: Bronx put down at 11am, RIP

Sept 28: Hurricane Matthew

Oct 12: Drake and Rihanna break up AGAIN

Nov 6: Leonard Cohen, RIP

Nov 9: “Let’s Make America Great Again”

Nov 23: One of my favourite authors, Steven Galloway, suspended as chairman of Creative Writing Program at UBC, lack of proper investigation, leaks, petitions, backlash against authors asking for investigation of process…

Dec 13: Aleppo

Dec 14: Alan Thicke, RIP


I’m almost positive I’ve forgotten to include some other devastating news, but perhaps this post would never cease to end if I did. That’s how cruel the year, 2016, has been.

But, rather than leave off on a sour note, perhaps in looking back at all these unkind events—some just downright atrocities—perhaps we can all try to breathe a sigh of relief once the year 2017 rolls around in the hopes for a kinder year ahead.

Perhaps, it is even more important now than ever to take a sobering look at ourselves personally, in how we think, speak, act, and respond in our daily lives, not as self-deprecation, but an opportunity to be honest and mindful in how we all can improve, not simply for our own sakes, or for our own selfish agendas, but in a way we can simply return to humanity in a way that is humbling and mindful of what we so readily and easily take for granted.

And there is still hope. There are still 17 days left in the year. Let’s do our best to make them the best we can in saying goodbye to 2016.


What positive things happened to you or that you can recall in 2016?

What are ways you can make a contribution to a great year in 2017?

In thinking of New Year’s Resolutions, what are some of your list?





Author: zaraalexis

Writer. Bibliotaphe. Fountain Pen & Stationery Addict. Lipstick Junkie. Justice Advocate. Wife. Mother. Warrior.

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