Summer TBR Wipeout: My Pile


By Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez / @ZaraAlexis / @zaralibrary


This year I’ve decided to commit myself to a Summer Reading Challenge hosted by the blog, The Candid Cover called the TBR Wipeout, which encourages book bloggers (or active readers available on social media) to read, read, and read—read as much as we can in order to make a dent in our To-Be-Read/Reviewed (TBR) Piles.

As a literary activist, professional reader, and book reviewer, my reading pile tends to accumulate quickly.

Here’s what I have on my summer reading list so far:

bk - fall of lisa bellowbk - eleanor oliphant is completely fine

bk - new boybk - fugue states

bk - all the beloved ghostsbk - do not become alarmed

bk - disasters in the first worldbk - meet me in the in between

bk - be ready for the lightningbk - ministry of utmost happiness

bk - please proceed to the nearest exitbk - here and gone

bk - hunting housesbk - amatkabk - spoonbenders.jpgbk - the child

bk - diplomats daughterbk - fierce kingdom

bk - watch me disappearbk - hum if you dont know the words

bk - conversations with friendsbk - mrs fletcher

bk - girl in snowbk - the lauras

bk - dead husband projectbk - the only cafe

bk - the paris spybk - a map for wrecked girls

bk - home firebk - a stranger in the house

bk - we all love the beautiful girlsbk - history of bees

bk - hearts invisible furiesbk - someone you love is gone

bk - zero repeat foreverbk - all is beauty now

bk - strangers with the same dreambk - six degrees of freedom


How many books do you intend to “wipeout” from your reading pile this summer?

What do you think of my TBR pile? Are there any books listed there you’ve already read or would like to read?

What’s on your TBR pile this summer?


Be sure to come back to check my upcoming reviews and an update on which books I’ve been able to tackle on this list.

Until next time,

Happy reading!



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Author: zaraalexis

Writer. Bibliotaphe. Fountain Pen & Stationery Addict. Lipstick Junkie. Justice Advocate. Wife. Mother. Warrior.

One thought on “Summer TBR Wipeout: My Pile”

  1. Whoa!! You have a lot of amazing titles on your TBR! I just finished The Child and I really enjoyed it. Good luck knocking off some of these and thank you so much for participating. 🙂


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