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“I like big books and I cannot lie.”


Albom, Mitch: Book Review. 11.01.2012: The Time Keeper

Ampuero, Roberto: Book Review.08.05.2012: The Neruda Case

Arden, Katherine: Book Review.02.16.2017: The Bear and the Nightingale

Armstrong, Kelley: Book Review.04.30.2012:The Gathering: Book One of the Darkness Rising Series

Asher, Jay and Carolyn Mackler: Book Review.04.09.2012:The Future of Us

Atwood, Margaret: Book Review.12.11.2011: Cat’s Eye

Atwood, Margaret: Book Review.09.11.2013: MaddAddam

Atwood, Margaret: Book Review.04.24.2013: “You Heard the Man You Love” from The Door


Badami, Anita Rau: Book Review.12.10.2011: Can You Hear the Nightbird Call?

Badami, Anita Rau: Book Review.11.08.2012: Tell It to the Trees

Beck, Haylen: Book Review.06.14.2017: Here and Gone

Becker, Emma: Book Review.12.22.2012: Monsieur

Benjamin, Chloe: Book Review.02.26.2018: The Immortalists

Bloom, Amy: Book Review.11.04.2014: Lucky Us

Bond, Cynthia: Book Review.06.03.2014: Ruby

Boyden, Joseph: Book Review.02.22.2017: Wenjack

Brampton Library Book Bash 2017

Britt, Fanny: Book Review.06.21.2017: Hunting Houses

Brown, Janelle: Book Review.07.24.2017: Watch Me Disappear

Buzo, Laura: Book Review.12.20.2012: Love and Other Perishable Items


Chevalier, Tracy: Book Review.05.15.2017: New Boy

Cameron, Claire: Book Review.02.27.2014: The Bear

Clare, Olivia: Book Review.05.28.2017: Disasters in the First World: Stories

Coady, Lynn: Book Review.02.24.2012: The Antagonist

Coady, Lynn: Book Review.07.25.2012: Strange Heaven

Coupland, Douglas: Book Review.11.22.2012: Highly Inappropriate Tales for Young People

Cullen, Lynn: Book Review.09.30.2013: Mrs. Poe


Diffenbaugh, Vanessa: Book Review.12.24.2011: The Language of Flowers

Dragnic, Natasa: Book Review.07.09.2012: Every Day, Every Hour


Edugyan, Esi: Book Review.01.30.2012: Half-Blood Blues

Eggers, Dave: Book Review.03.26.2018: The Monk of Mokha


Feldman, Joshua Max: Book Review.02.21.2014: The Book of Jonah

Fortier, Dominique: Book Review.01.22.2014: Wonder

Fotheringham, Scott: Book Review.04.24.2012: The Rest Is Silence

Fu, Kim: Book Review.07.21.2015: For Today I Am a Boy


Garcia-Marquez, Gabriel: Book Review.12.09.2011: Memories of My Melancholy Whores

Galloway, Steven: Book Review.12.09.2012: The Cellist of Sarajevo

Ghatage, Shree: Book Review.07.18.2012: Thirst

Giller Prize Longlist 2016 Poem.09.08.2016: Oh, Giller, you’ve got me writing poems again!

Giller Prize Shortlist 2017 Announced

Goodman, Alison: Book Review.05.12.2016: The Dark Days Club (Lady Helen #1)

Goodman, Alison: Book Review.01.25.2017: The Dark Days Pact (Lady Helen #2)

Gowda, Shilpi Somaya; Book Review.12.11.2011: The Secret Daughter

Graedon, Alena: Book Review.08.17.2014: The Word Exchange

Gregory, Daryl: Book Review.07.12.2017: Spoonbenders

Grossman, David: Book Review.03.24.2014: Falling Out of Time


Haddon, Mark: Book Review.08.22.2012: The Red House

Harmer, Liz: Book Review.06.05.2018: The Amateurs

Harper, U.L.: Book Review.12.11.2011: In Blackness

Hay, Elizabeth: Book Review.04.17.2012: Alone in the Classroom

Hay, Elizabeth: Book Review.12.10.2011: Late Nights on Air

Healey, Emma: Book Review.07.15.2014: Elizabeth Is Missing

Heighton, Steven: Book Review.06.17.2012: The Dead Are More Visible

Hilburn, Lynda: Book Review.11.29.2012: The Vampire Shrink

Hitchens, Christopher: Book Review.12.10.2011: Arguably

Hoffman, Alice: Book Review.03.06.2014: The Museum of Extraordinary Things

Honeyman, Gail: Book Review.05.11.2017: Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine

Hosseini, Khaled: Book Review.12.10.2011: A Thousand Splendid Suns

Hunter, Megan: Book Review.12.17.2017: The End We Start From

Halloween a Book 2016


Install, Deborah: Book Review.08.05.2015: A Robot in the Garden

Irving, John: Book Review.06.30.2011: A Prayer for Owen Meany


Jennings, Amanda: Book Review.10.18.2012: Sworn Secret

Johnston, Wayne: Book Review.10.30.2013: The Son of a Certain Woman

Jones, Amy: Book Review.10.22.2016: We’re All in This Together

Jones, Jadie: New Cover Reveal.04.11.2017: Wildwood

Joyce, Rachel: Book Review.08.10.2012: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry


Kaufman, Andrew: Book Review.01.10.2013: Born Weird

Kim, Eugenia: Book Review.12.10.2011: The Calligrapher’s Daughter

Koch, Herman: Book Review.03.01.2013: The Dinner

Koch, Herman: Book Review.07.07.2014: Summer House with Swimming Pool

Konar, Affinity: Book Review.12.05.2016: Mischling

Kuitenbrouwer, Kathryn: Book Review.01.06.2014: All the Broken Things

Kukafka, Danya: Book Review.08.08.2017: Girl in Snow

Kwan, Kevin: Book Review.07.25.2013: Crazy Rich Asians


Lahiri, Jhumpa: Book Review.12.10.2011: The Interpreter of Maladies

Lahiri, Jhumpa: Book Review.01.09.2014: The Lowland

Lahiri, Jhumpa: Book Review.12.10.2011: Unaccustomed Earth

Lake, Alex: Book Review.09.02.2017: Copycat

Lam, Vincent: Book Review.12.10.2011: Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures

Lam, Vincent: Book Review.05.30.2012: The Headmaster’s Wager

Lee, Nancy: Book Review.03.20.2014: The Age

Lyon, Annabel: Book Review.09.27.2012: The Sweet Girl

Lundrigan, Nicole: Book Review.12.11.2011: The Glass Boys


Mackintosh, Sophie: Book Review. 02.24.2019: The Water Cure

MacIntyre, Linden: Book Review.10.04.2017: The Only Cafe

MacIntyre, Linden: Book Review.03.30.2012: Why Men Lie

Malla, Pasha: Book Review.05.19.2017: Fugue States

Marais, Bianca: Book Review.08.02.2017: Hum If You Don’t Know the Words

Markovtis, Anouk: Book Review.06.11.2012: I Am Forbidden

Marra, Anthony: Book Review.06.17.2013: A Constellation of Vital Phenomena

Martin, Steve: Book Review.12.10.2011: Shop Girl

McGrory, Brian: Book Review.03.12.2013: Buddy: How a Rooster Made Me a Family Man

McKay, Ami: Book Review.12.10.2011: The Birth House

McKay, Ami: Book Review.01.24.2012: The Virgin Cure

McWatt, Tessa: Book Review.08.01.2012: Vital Signs

Medina, Meg: Book Review.03.09.2012: The Girl Who Could Silence the Wind

Mengestu, Dinaw: Book Review.03.15.2014: All Our Names

Meyer, Stephanie: Book Review.12.10.2011: Twilight

Moggach, Lottie: Book Review.08.26.2013: Kiss Me First

Mootoo, Shani: Book Review.05.05.2014: Moving Forward Sideways Like a Crab

Morgenstern, Erin: Book Review.02.05.2012: The Night Circus

Moroney, Shannon: Book Review.10.25.2012: Through the Glass (Memoir)


Novak, B.J.: Book Review.02.13.2014: One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories


Ohlin, Alix: Book Review.06.21.2012: Inside

Ondaatje, Michael: Book Review.12.30.2011: The Cat’s Table

Ostlere, Cathy: Book Review.03.01.2012: Karma


Pamuk, Orhan: Book Review.02.01.2013: Silent House

Perabo, Susan: Book Review.06.19.2017: The Fall of Lisa Bellow

Phillips, Gin: Book Review.07.19.2017: Fierce Kingdom

Picasso: Re-Cap.07.22.2017: Masterpieces from the Musee National Exhibit at the AGO

Pick, Alison: Book Review.01.17.2018: Strangers with the Same Dream

Pierce, Gabriella: Book Review.07.19.2012: 666 Park Avenue: Book 1

Pierce, Gabriella: Book Review.11.15.2012: The Dark Glamour: Book 2

Pierce, Gabriella: Book Review.02.08.2013: The Lost Soul: Book 3

Pollen, Bella: Book Review.05.30.2017: Meet Me in the In-Between

Poochigian, Aaron: Book Review.09.20.2012: The Cosmic Purr: Poems

Pountney, Christine: Book Review.09.19.2012: Sweet Jesus

2016 Penguin Random House Canada Book Lovers Fall Preview: Recap

Flipper Knows How to Throw a Christmas Party! Penguin Holiday Style


Raya, Jessica: Book Review.06.07.2017: Please Proceed to the Nearest Exit

Richardson, C.S.: Book Review.08.29.2012: The Emperor of Paris

Rickert, Mary: Book Review.04.25.2014: The Memory Garden

Riggs, Ransom: Book Review.01.16.2014: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Riggs, Ransom: Book Review.01.30.2014: Hollow City (Miss Peregrine’s Home Book 2)

Robinson, Eden: Book Review.05.03.2017: The Son of a Trickster

Rooney, Sally: Book Review.08.03.2017: Conversations with Friends

Rubin, Eric Beck: Book Review.11.03.2016: School of Velocity


Schultz, Emily: Book Review.08.30.2012: The Blondes

Schwalbe, Will: Book Review.12.06.2012: The End of Your Life Book Club

Selvadurai, Shyam: Book Review.06.06.2013: The Hungry Ghosts

Shamsie, Kamila: Book Review.12.15.2017: Home Fire

Shin, Kyung-Sook: Book Review.05.08.2012: Please Look After Mom

Sirk, Sarah Meehan: Book Review.10.19.2017: The Dead Husband Project

Skibsrud, Joanna: Book Review.02.14.2012: This Will Be Difficult to Explain and Other Stories

Snow White and the Huntsman: Film Review.07.12.2012

Stedman, M.L.: Book Review.04.04.2014: The Light Between Oceans

Summer TBR Wipeout 2017: My Pile

Summer TBR Wipeout 2017: Update


Tarttelin, Abigail: Book Review and Interview.05.21.2013: The Golden Boy

Taylor, Sara: Book Review.08.28.2017: The Lauras

Things You Can Do on World Book Day…and Beyond

Tidbeck, Karin: Book Review.07.05.2017: Amatka


Urqhart, Jane: Book Review.12.11.2011: Away


Vassanji, M.G. Book Review.10.27.2016: Nostalgia 


Ware, Ruth: Book Review.01.10.2017: The Woman in Cabin 10

Wood, Benjamin: Book Review03.22.2012: The Bellwether Revivals